Events in the .NET programming model really don’t have anything in common with what the Object Oriented paradigm has taught us. Personally I dislike events because they are not first class objects but some kind of background compiler voodoo.

When it comes to writing against an event driven API like the Kinect for Windows SDK you don’t have much of a choice but programming against those events. But wait, there is this wonderful ReactiveExtensions library that comes to the rescue. These classes and extension methods give you the possibility to easily wrap an event in an object and furthermore the library provides you with tons of handy methods that you don’t have to code yourself.

So I decided to write my own IObservable extension methods to extend the Kinect API with the ReactiveExtensions programming model.
Here are two methods to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

public static IObservable<AllFramesReadyEventArgs> GetAllFramesReadyObservable(this KinectSensor kinectSensor)
   if(kinectSensor == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("kinectSensor");

   return Observable.FromEventPattern<AllFramesReadyEventArgs>(h => kinectSensor.AllFramesReady += h,
                                                               h => kinectSensor.AllFramesReady -= h)
                    .Select(e => e.EventArgs);

public static IObservable<ColorImageFrameReadyEventArgs> GetColorFrameReadyObservable(this KinectSensor kinectSensor)
   if (kinectSensor == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("kinectSensor");

   return Observable.FromEventPattern<ColorImageFrameReadyEventArgs>(
                                                           h => kinectSensor.ColorFrameReady += h,
                                                           h => kinectSensor.ColorFrameReady -= h)
                    .Select(e => e.EventArgs);

And so on…


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