Set up LinqPad for OracleConnections

If you want to query an Oracle database with LinqPad you have to install the additional driver ‘IQDriver’.
You can download it through LinqPad if you click on ‘Add connection’ –> ‘View more drivers’.


I had the problem that my Windows account didn’t have administrative privileges and I was not able to download the driver (Windows XP).
When I clicked on ‘Download and enable driver’ I received a message box ‘Invalid driver file’.
Because I didn’t know the proxy settings either, I downloaded the .zip file containing the driver
through the offical LinqPad website by following the message ‘Click here to download these drivers from a webbrowser’.

I saved the .zip file and unzipped it under
‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Applicaiton Data\LINQPad\drivers\DataContext\4.0\IQDriver (5b59726538a49684)’.

After starting LinqPad and adding a new connection I was able to select the driver ‘IQDriver’ to establish
a connection to the oracle database.

Ready to work in the usual way!

Thanks Joseph Albahari for this awesome tool!!!